For more than 75 years, this family-owned farm has been providing nutritious, quality eggs to the Pacific Northwest. Today, Willamette is proud to offer a variety of eggs and egg products, including cage-free, cage-free organic, and conventional. Willamette Egg Farms' mission is to produce the finest, freshest quality eggs while caring for its animals, environment, community, and employees.

Products We Carry:
HardCooked/Peeled 15.5# egg
WILL Jmbo dz egg
WILL Lg 18pk egg
WILL Lg Crtn dz egg
WILL Lg Loose egg
WILL Liq 20# egg
WILL Liq 32# (4/8#) egg
WILL Med Loose egg
WILL WhleLiq 30# (6/5#) egg
WILL Willy's 2pk egg
WILL Willy's Spicy 2pk egg