Wilcox Family Farms is a 100 year old farm that sits on 1,500 acres of sustainable farmland along the Nisqually River in the foothills of Mt Rainier. Wilcox Family Farms was founded in 1909 by Judson and Elizabeth Wilcox who set out to build a family business and ultimately a lifelong legacy. Since its beginnings, Wilcox Farms has been known for supplying high quality, farm fresh eggs to families and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Today, the fourth generation of the Wilcox family continues in the tradition of sustainable farming and community outreach.

Products We Carry:
WLX Brwn CF dz egg
WLX CF Liq 20# egg
WLX CF Loose egg
WLX EggSubst Pt egg
WLX Liq Qt 6/cs egg
WLX Omega 18ct egg
WLX Org Brown dz egg
WLX Org Liq 20# egg
WLX OrgLiq 30# frzn egg
WLX OrgWhle Liq 20# egg
WLX Whites Pt egg
WLX Wht CF dz egg