From the corner diner where families enjoy breakfast on Sunday morning, to the luxurious steakhouses where the world's business is conducted, US Foods products help shape the communities where people live and work. US Foods' success is a tribute to five generations of employees. Several of the entities that make up US Foods were founded in the 19th century. Monarch Foods, for example, is linked to a Dubuque, Iowa company that sold provisions for wagon trains heading west in the 1850s. John Sexton and Company began as a tea and coffee merchant in Chicago in 1883.

Products We Carry:
GF LiteMargarine 6.6# 600ct
PasteurBulk Loose egg
Philly CreamCh 100/1oz
Philly CreamCh 3#
Philly CreamCh 30#
Philly LtCreamCh 100/.75oz
Philly LtCreamCh 3#
Philly Whipped CreamCh 8oz
WhipBag 12-16oz frzn