From the Rogue Creamery's inauspicious beginnings has come one of the finest artisan cheese operations in the world today. It all began in 1933. Thomas Vella had emigrated from Italy in the 1920s and was successfully producing cheese in Sonoma, California. World War II loomed on the horizon and Vella's brother back in Italy wrote that war in Europe was indeed imminent. Tom predicted that the milk used in his creamery would be diverted to military bases and also theorized that quantities of cheese would be needed to ship to Allied troops. He was right on both accounds. Backed by legendary cheese magnate J.L. Kraft, Vella traveled to southern Oregon and purchased a defunct cheese plant in Central Point. He quickly started buying milk from local dairy farmers and began turning out cheese. Hist strategy worked. When war broke out, Vella had his supply of milk and produced a total of five million pounds of cheese a year for the War effort. Today, one may step into the cinder block creamery to discover an assortment of some of the best hand-milled, award winning cheddars and blues in the world.

Products We Carry:
Rogue CavemanBlue 5# RWC
Rogue ChocStout 8oz
Rogue CraterLkBlue 3.5oz
Rogue CraterLkBlue 5# RWC
Rogue GarlicChed Curds 6oz
Rogue Hopyard 8oz
Rogue Lavender 8oz
Rogue MorimotoSobaAle 8oz
Rogue MtMazama 8oz
Rogue ORBlue 3.5oz
Rogue ORBlue wheel 5# RWC
Rogue Oregonzola 3.5oz
Rogue Oregonzola 5# RWC
Rogue PistolPoint 8oz
Rogue RawMlkSharpChed 8oz
Rogue RiverBlue 5# RWC
Rogue RosemaryTouvelle 8oz
Rogue SmokeyBlue 3.5oz
Rogue SmokeyBlue 5# RWC
Rogue SmokeyTouvelle 8oz
Rogue TouVelle 8oz