In 1987, Chuck Eggert, the founder of Pacific Natural Foods, and a group of visionaries set out to make it easy to enjoy delicious foods made with all-natural, wholesome and organic ingredients. It was a progressive idea that helped launch a totally new way of eating. Pacific began as a soy milk making company. Today there are beverages made from nuts and grains, soups, broths, pot pies and of course soy milk, all of which employ only all-natural and organic ingredients that can be traced all the way to the source, because Pacific believes it's important to know where our food comes from.

Products We Carry:
PAC AlmondOrgMlk Qt
PAC ChaiTea Qt
PAC RiceMilk LF Qt
PAC Soy Choc 8oz
PAC Soy Plain 8oz
PAC Soy Van 8oz