The Larsen's Creamery story is a story of determination and dedication. In 1927, Henry Larsen knew that people preferred the natural goodness of sweet creamery butter. He rented a building in Oregon City and installed a wood fire boiler, put in a pasteurizer and a small wooden churn, and was ready to churn butter. Today, Larsen's Creamery is a leading private butter manufacturer and packaging company in the Pacific Northwest. Larsen's Creamery is committed to "The Business of Butter."

Products We Carry:
Butter 55# UnSalted
Butter 68# Bulk Gr A
Butter 68# UnSalted
Cremerie Classic Btr 36# prts
Mbrook Butter #Qrtr
MC Salted #Qrtr
MC SaltedOrganic #Qrtr
MC UnSalt #Qrtr
MC UnSalt Organic print #
MC UnSalt print #
Organic Cream Bulk