Dreyer's originated in 1928 as Edy's Grand Ice Cream, a Northern California business under a partnership of Joseph Edy and William Dreyer; however, in 1947 the partnership dissolved. In 1953, William Dreyer, Jr. took over and changed the name from Edy's Grand Ice Cream to Dreyer's Grand. In 1981, the company expanded and re-adopted the name Edy's Grand Ice Cream when marketing the product east of the Rocky Mountains, so as to not be confused with another copmany named Breyers. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Dreyer's is dedicated to offering a wide variety of products, including the first superpremium ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs, to meet the demands of any consumer.

Products We Carry:
DRYR Apple Pie 1.5Qt
DRYR BananaSplit 1.5Qt
DRYR Bfinger bar 24pk
DRYR Blk Rasp 1.5Qt
DRYR BryRnbow Sherb 1.5Qt
DRYR Btterfing 1.5Qt
DRYR Butter Pecan 1.5Qt
DRYR Choc 1.5Qt
DRYR Choc Chip 1.5Qt
DRYR ChocPB 1.5Qt
DRYR ChocPB cup 12pk
DRYR ChocVan Yog 1.5Qt
DRYR Coconut Pineapple 1.5Qt
DRYR Coffee 1.5Qt
DRYR CookCream bar 24pk
DRYR CookDough cup 12pk
DRYR Cookie&Cream 1.5Qt
DRYR CookieDough 1.5Qt
DRYR Crunch Dibs 12pk
DRYR DblFudgeBrown 1.5Qt
DRYR Delic Papple24p
DRYR Drum cup 12pk
DRYR Drum TripChoc 12pk
DRYR Drum Van 12pk
DRYR Drum Variety 24pk
DRYR Drumstick 1.5Qt
DRYR DulceDeLeche 1.5Qt
DRYR Egg Nog 1.5Qt
DRYR French Van 1.5Qt
DRYR FrostyPaws 4pk
DRYR FrostyPaws PB 4pk
DRYR Fudge bar 24pk
DRYR IC Sand 1.5Qt
DRYR Mint Dibs 12pk
DRYR MintChocChip 1.5Qt
DRYR MochaAlmFudge 1.5Qt
DRYR Mud Pie 1.5Qt
DRYR Neapolitan 1.5Qt
DRYR Nestle NeapSand 24pk
DRYR Nestle Van Sand 24pk
DRYR NestleCrunch bar 24pk
DRYR NSA BPecan 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA CookCream 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA EskPie 10x12pk
DRYR NSA FudgeTrks 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA MintChoc 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA Neapolitan 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA TripChoc 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA Van 1.5Qt
DRYR NSA Vrty Fruit Bar 12pk
DRYR Orange Sherb 1.5Qt
DRYR PB Cup 1.5Qt
DRYR Peppermint 1.5Qt
DRYR Pumpkin 1.5Qt
DRYR PushUp 24pk
DRYR RockyRd 1.5Qt
DRYR RootBeerFloat 1.5Qt
DRYR Samoas 1.5 Qt
DRYR SkCowChocFudge cup 12pk
DRYR SkCowStrChsCk cup 12pk
DRYR SkinnyCow 20pk
DRYR SlChrn Van 12pk
DRYR SlwCh MintCrnch 1.5Qt
DRYR SlwCh Van 1.5Qt
DRYR Smores 1.5Qt
DRYR SmrPeachPie 1.5Qt
DRYR Straw 1.5 Qt
DRYR StrawFruitBar 24pk
DRYR StrawShrtCke 24pk
DRYR ThinMint 1.5 Qt
DRYR Tollhouse 1.5Qt
DRYR TollhouseCookie 12pk
DRYR TripBlast IcePop 12pk
DRYR TripChocPBSun 1.5Qt
DRYR TripCookieFdgeSun 1.5Qt
DRYR Van 1.5Qt
DRYR Van Bean 1.5Qt
DRYR Van Dibs 12pk
DRYR Van King Bar
DRYRHD 5 Coffee Pt
DRYRHD 5 Lemon Pt
DRYRHD BananaSplit Pt
DRYRHD BlueCrumble Pt
DRYRHD CaramelCone Pt
DRYRHD Choc 2.5gal
DRYRHD ChocChip Pt
DRYRHD CinnDulDeLech Pt
DRYRHD CoffAlm bar 24pk
DRYRHD Coffee Pt
DRYRHD Cook&Cream Pt
DRYRHD CookDough Pt
DRYRHD CranPumpk Pt
DRYRHD DarkChoc bar 24pk
DRYRHD DulceDeLeche Pt
DRYRHD Mint Chip Pt
DRYRHD RaspVanYog Pt
DRYRHD SorbPeach Pt
DRYRHD SorbRasp Pt
DRYRHD SorbStraw Pt
DRYRHD Van 2.5gal
DRYRHD VanAlm bar 24pk
DRYRHD VanMilk bar 24pk
DRYRHD WhChocRasTrffl Pt
DRYRMxx Bfinger Pt
DRYRMxx CherChocBmb Pt
DRYRMxx CookCream Pt
DRYRMxx CookDough Pt
DRYRMxx Drum Pt
DRYRMxx FudgeBrown Pt