Alpine Food Distributing, inc began in 1983 as a small redistributor of french fries. The company started doing business in a small, leased warehouse that was mostly freezer space. Their core product line remained french fries but they began to add other ready to eat frozen foods lines to their product offering. Five years after opening, they were profitable enough to purchase their first building and almost doubled the size of their operation. Two years later, they were devastated by a four alarm fire which wiped out their building and all of its contents. Not to be deterred by this set-back, they quickly leased another space and got back to business within a day. They also began plans to rebuild at their former location. Today Alpine is located in Milwaukie, Oregon in a state of the art 280,000 square foot facility with sales offices in Oregon, Washington, and California. Alpine distributes to nine different states and has 85 employees. As a family-owned company that is passionate about the food business, Alpine has not forgotten where it comes from.

Products We Carry:
Bandon Cheddar Med
ButterBlend 20# tub
DF Nondairy Whip Can 15oz
DF Whip Can 15oz
Gluten Free Brown Br
Gluten Free White Br
GoldNSoft Margarine tub #
LevelValley CreamCh 100/1oz
Margarine NoTransFat 30#
Margarine prints 30/1#
Margarine Reddies 12# 90ct
Misc. RWC
Nondairy Creamer Qt
PAC AlmondOrgMlk Qt
PAC ChaiTea Qt
PAC RiceMilk LF Qt
PAC Soy Choc 8oz
PAC Soy Plain 8oz
PAC Soy Van 8oz
Shaved Parmesan 5#
Shred American 5#
Shred Parmesan 5#
Swiss Loaf 6-8# RWC
Till 3/4oz Ched 100pk
Till Med Ched block 5#
Till Med Shred Ched 5#
Till Sharp Ched block 5#
Till ShredChed 2#
Till ShredColbyJck 8oz
Till ShredMedChed 8oz
Till ShredMexi 8oz
Till ShredMozz 8oz
WhippedCreamCh 3#